Works in progress

I just read the blogs of my AMAZING English 111 students. Many of them did wordpress sites which reminded me that I haven’t updated this in forever. I found their work to be so inspiring. I hate when people say negative things about this generation: how they are narcissistic and self-involved. My experience is that they are people, young people, full of hope and dreams and ideas about how to make things work. They inspire me every single day to be a better person: not just to model how to be a good person in the world but because they work so hard, they believe so intensely that the world can change. It’s a good reminder, especially right now, when the walls feel like they’re closing in.

In Oxford it’s been sixty degrees the last two days. I want it to be cold so badly! I take back everything I ever said in Michigan about the cold. I am sick of seeing dude bros not wearing shirts with their backwards baseball caps. *barf emoji*

In terms of my own creative work, which I am supposed to be publishing here, I’ve completed two short stories and one piece of creative non-fiction. I don’t like the short stories but the creative non-ficiton is actually pretty good. I asked my students to address their ideas on the inner critic and here are mine: when it comes to creative non-fiction I worry that people will think that I am whining. Isn’t that strange? My work addresses sexual assault, violence against women, the curtailing of women’s voices and yet here I am. Worried about whining.

Again, my students inspire me to do more, be more. I am thankful for them. And I promise them, and you, I will be.


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